Posted by: John Mackey | December 10, 2008

Breaking News: Victoria Dead

My fellow CGS Victorianists – you might be interested in this story!

The Ex-Queen (shown while still alive)

The Ex-Queen (shown while still alive)

WESTMINSTER – Victoria, long time Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, has died, aged 81.  Her reign was marked by a massive expansion of Britain’s empire and industrial capacity, as well as a marked increase in the use of the phrase “we are not amused!”  When asked to comment on the queen’s passing, Boston University historian Kathleen Martin responded “you realize that she died in 1901, right?  You know – that’s well over a century ago.  So it isn’t really ‘news,’ is it?”  More details on her Britannic Majesty’s demise will be forthcoming as this story develops.

Wow – how about that?  Just wait until this story gets around CGS!

See you all soon. 




  1. Here’s where ignorant armies clash by night. Where computers are concerned, I couldn’t be much more ignorant, but it’s my intention to replay, not to clash.

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